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Wine Tavern

Idyllically situated amidst the Grassnitzberg vineyards,
the Polz wine tavern offers its guests a wide range of
hearty snacks typical of the region and classic Styrian dishes,
from Verhackerte (garnished chopped ham) via cheese
specialities through to Brettljause (cold cuts).

In addition to this, the finest produce from local farmers
and our own garden too is used with great culinary expertise
to make pesti and fruit spreads, pâtés and terrines
and other attractive creations.

A selection of these culinary delights is available for
purchase either as a souvenir of the local cuisine
or as a gift typical of the region.

As a complement to these delightful snacks, there is also a wide selection of fine wines from our vineyard on offer.

Opening times:
Mo - Sa from 11:00 a.m. till  09:00 p.m. (Sunday closed!)

Phone: +43 345 327 30

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